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Nothing like laid back Jazz to accompany a mug of laid back Maxwell House Coffee!

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Words from B&A Reps.

“Do you know what’s really annoying? Because Shotopop does, and they’re using it to sell coffee. In their latest piece for Maxwell House, the creative agency brought to life an insufferable cup of fancy coffee that they made precisely to piss you off. “We tried to make the character as annoying as possible with the voice over, his mannerisms, the way he moves, and the way he speaks,” says Casper Franken of Shotopop. They did this for a really good reason: Maxwell House stamps out the character at the end. After all, Maxwell House has always been the coffee for regular people and it’s time we saw regular people win instead of the elite. We get to see that with a simple Cup o’ Joe.

In execution, creating the super-annoying cup of coffee was actually quite complex. Shotopop had to balance aesthetic wishes with material limitations. So they used stop-motion, photography, and CGI to bring together a comprehensive visual experience. Ultimately the annoying dude was made entirely out of CGI so they could have him perform actions that they wouldn’t be able to do with any other medium (and hit their deadline). “We decided to go with a 3D approach so we could keep the character a little more flexible,” Casper says. “If you look closely at the character there’s actually some motion that’s a little unrealistic in terms of what paper could actually do but it brings a little more life to him.” Whether he’s fluffing his foamy coif with a whisk or blowing himself a kiss while taking a selfie, the agility that Shotopop found by bringing him into a 3D space made it a successful endeavor.

This video will be seen all throughout the Chinese market, and with that different audience comes different expectations. Shotopop noticed a different, more vigorous work ethic from their partners in Asia, and with that came a really positive experience. “We had a good time collaborating with them,” he says. “It was our first proper 3D animation character, and it was a good one!” They were able to hit a couple birds with one stone all while making a memorable character for a very funny spot. Even if it’s a little annoying!”

Old untuned violins lead the way in the score for “The Witch Project”

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“A man tries to leave his mistress, only to find that he’s wrapped around her magical little finger.”

Cast: Elena Saurel, Oliver Silver

Directed/Produced by: Joe Elliott, Stephanie de Giorgio
Writer: Stephanie de Giorgio
Editor: Joe Elliott
DOP: Johnathon Ilse
Gaffer: Richard Burnell
Camera Assistant/Focus Puller: James Woodmass
Sound Design & Composition: Tom Smith (www.soundsmiths.co.uk)
Sound Recordist: James Richings
Visual Effects: Kim Taylor
Colourist: Ned Al-Astrabadi
1st Assistant Director: Afzal Robbani
Production Coordinator: Marina Dovey
Make Up: Sophie Cox

Soundsmiths & Prime Loops: Future Hip Hop

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The future is now! We have pushed the boundaries once again to deliver you this refreshingly deep and vivid take on Hip Hop.

Fusing together raw Hip Hop beats with a polished touch of ultra-melodic Future elements, Future Hip Hop is here to help you stand out from the rest. Fresh from the Prime Loops audio lab and authored by our highly skilled Soundsmiths crew, this ultra-imaginative mash-up of contrasts is the definitive Future Hip Hop sample pack!

For Future Hip Hop we’ve taken a raw portion of Hip Hop attitude and given it a thick, sweet and glossy Future coating. All the sounds in this next-level Hip Hop Producer Toolkit have been tweaked to future-proof perfection!

If you’re craving straight-up beats, deep and atmospheric chord progressions, chopped up pads, laser sharp melodics, warm basses and glitched-out SFX deformities then get ready to scratch that itch with Future Hip Hop, the brand new progressive and boundary pushing Hip Hop sound library from Prime Loops, packed with a fresh collection of original and inspiring samples ready to bolster your productions!

Served up at tempos ranging from 90 to 140bpm, Future Hip Hop stacks up to a mighty 630MB+ of supreme audio content, offering you an off-the-hook array of Hip Hop Samples, Loops & Sampler Kits!

Available exclusively via direct download, every single sample is 100% Royalty free and arrives in stunning 24-bit clarity that will not be compromised, even if you want to stretch or squeeze any of them to your own desired tempo! Integrating these infectious frequencies into your mix could not be easier – simply drag and drop them from the downloaded folder straight into any major software!

There’s no time to reflect on past productions when you can defect the future instead! Whether your sound is Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, Trip Hop, Future Bass or Electronica or you’re looking to push the boundaries and break new ground, Prime Loops invite you to join the Future Hip Hop movement!


Soundsmiths & Future Koncept: Future Bass Vol 2

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After the huge success of Future Bass Vol 1, we had no choice but to get back in the mothership and construct Future Bass Vol 2!

“Future Koncept are immensely proud to deliver you this next instalment in our insanely popular Future Bass Sample Pack Series; Future Bass Volume 2.

After the huge impact Volume 1 made within this ultra-innovative and rapidly growing Music Scene we quickly decided to re-enlisted the production skills of our highly talented Soundsmiths Collective to bring you this next episode of cutting edge Future Bass Samples, MIDI Files & Sampler Instruments.

Brimming with over 489MB of expertly created producer tools, Future Bass Volume 2 builds on the success of its older brother, bringing a more playful, eccentric edge to the ever evolving Future Bass sound – inspired by artists such as Point Point, AWE, Odesza, Ark Patrol, Stelouse, and many more.

This futuristic Sound Library contains all the tools you need to make a modern Future Bass anthem with a twist; shuffled Drum Loops, lush Synth Chords, dreamy Melodies, quirky pitched Vocal Chops, Deep Bass, a tonne of Drum One-Shots, FX Hits and much more.

To make this Sound Kit even more flexible we’ve also programmed 7 future-proof Sampler Drum Kits for EXS24, Kontakt, Halion and NNXT, so you can bang out your own drum rhythm in true Future Bass style. And to top it off, we’ve included a select folder of MIDI files, giving you the opportunity to experiment with some of the chords and melodies provided.

As always, all sounds come directly to you in pristine 24bit audio quality, and all of the pre-formatted Loop content will automatically adjust to the tempo of your project.

Download Future Bass Vol. 2 today and transmit your productions into the future!”


Refresh your library with some Liquid Drum & Bass!

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Liquid Drum & Bass is a fresh new take on all the fundamental elements associated with this irrepressible and unrelenting genre. Whether you’re making your first ripples in the D&B scene or you’re an established producer with an ageing sample library, Liquid Drum & Bass is the ideal injection for your future productions.

Inspired by the likes of Netsky, Hospital Records, Logistics, London Electricity, S.P.Y and High Contrast, Liquid Drum & Bass brings you over 800MB of ultra-deep Liquid Funk & D&B Samples, featuring a wide selection of serious moods and frequencies; ranging from organic Rhodes Piano licks to rolling Drums and Percussion Loops, over multi-layered analog Synth Chords and Melodies to thick and organic sounding Sub Bass lines and so much more.

A total of 182 Loops & 258 fully flexible One-Shots are at your disposal, scattered across 9 folders of Bassline Loops, Melodic Loops, Full Drum Loops, Kick & Snare Loops, Drum Top Loops, Percussive FX Loops, Drum One-Shots, Bass/Synth Stabs, SFX & Vocal Hits and adding them to your mix could not be easier!

As a special goodie this pack even features 20 professionally designed Sylenth1 Presets, and for all you controller-freaks out there we have also included a sweet selection of 8 clean-cut Sampler Drumkits, all ready-formatted for EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT and Halion.

It all starts with a simple click and drag – from your download folder and over to your favourite piece of major software. Liquid Drum & Bass comes with a standard tempo ranging from 172 – 174BPM and each of these professionally mastered samples is delivered in astonishing 24-bit high definition clarity!

So if your Drum n Bass needs an update, switch up that sound with Liquid Drum & Bass and own the lounge with smoothest sounds in town!


Pack your boombox and speedos, we’re getting tropical!

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Pack your 808 into your suitcase and get ready to soak up a heavy dose of pure Carnival vibes! This brand new Tropical Trap sample pack from Prime Loops delivers a fresh cocktail of Trap, Moombahton and Reggaeton, fusing vibrant tropical blends with that contrasting gritty punch of Trap.

Take your pick from 6 fresh folders of Loops, Samples and Synth Presets including Bass Loops, Synth Loops, Drum Loops, One-Shots, Vocal & FX Loops, Massive Presets and a hard-knocking collection of sampler instrument drum kits for Kontakt, EXS24, Halion, and NNXT!

Tropical Trap brings 617MB+ of exotic experimentation and is compatible with any major DAW! This Trap producer Tools come via direct download and contain 100% royalty free Samples, Massive Presets & Sampler Drum Kits.

Every Sound in this pack is supplied in super-clean and shiny 24-bit HD sound quality and you can simply drag and drop any of these samples from your download folder straight into your preferred software. Ready to own the summer airwaves? Take the trip with Tropical Trap!


Modulated tram bell’s instantly sprang to mind on our latest spot for GO90’s “NBA League Pass”

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We had a ball mashing up all sorts of sounds for this high octane GO90 Spot. Our animation friends over at Shotopop really smashed this one out of the park! Broadcasting live now on NBA TV.

About the product: “NBA League Pass can be streamed live through the Go90 mobile app on most mobile devices.”

Animation Studio: Shotopop
Music: BrewHouse Music
Sound Design: Soundsmiths

This ones for the J Dilla loving crate diggers.

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We sent our designer Pete to a bunch of record shops with a wad of cash and 2 weeks later he appeared with this masterpiece of manipulated sounds. Old school hip hop heads this ones for you.


“Dust off your soul! It’s time to channel the deepest soul vibes with all new contemporary elements including hints of Trip Hop, a pinch of Hip Hop and some other sweet surprises in Vinylistic Soul!

This brand new sample pack from Prime Loops’ crew of crate digging producers is perfect for fusing elements of Neo Soul and other genres together and features an authentic selection of brand new vinyl style breaks primed with a hyper-realistic ‘sampled’ vinyl effect, adding a genuine hit of old skool originality to your mix using fresh production techniques and brand new sounds!

If you like your soul dark, deep and laden with abstract elements ranging from acid jazz to deep lounge with a heavy hip hop influence then Vinylistic Soul is the remedy for your productions.

This deeply inspired sample library channels those hearty warm, full fat analogue tones and is your new favourite source for live trip hop and hip hop inspired drums, layered breaks, dusty Rhodes, melting pads, trumpets, piano and more! This 695MB+ collection contains 8 folders of Bass Loops, Bass One Shots, Melodic Loops, Melodic One Shots, Drum Loops, Drum Shots, FX & MIDI Files!

Vinylistic Soul has been created by the critically acclaimed Soundsmiths production team and is available via direct download in various formats to suit any major production software!

It’s so easy to use, you can simply click and drag any sample from your download folder straight into your DAW. With key and tempo information displayed clearly in each filename you’ll know exactly what you’re putting into your mix but you can edit those characteristics quickly and easily to suit your production preferences!

100% royalty free, this sound pack delivers every sample in clean and shiny 24-bit High Definition clarity. So get ready to fuse old and new.”

Ride on a Synthwave with us!

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Ever wanted to create your own wave of synths? Well now you can!


“Get ready to send luminous analogue tremors through the digital terrain with Synthwave, the brand new Prime Loops sample pack that takes it’s inspiration straight from the heavily synthesized soundtracks of the 80s and early 90s and reboots them using ultra modern production techniques for a supercharged vintage sound deployed in pristine audio clarity!

Like a fresh wave of hot neon lava, this surge of authentic throwback loops and samples channels all of the energy of those classic arcade games and 80s movie soundtracks which in turn have inspired current artists such as Kavinsky, College and Mitch Murder and contemporary soundtracks such as Drive, Kung Fury and Hotline Miami.

This 920MB+ synth-drenched sound pack is teeming with original Bass Loops, Drum Loops, FX Loops, Melodic Loops, MIDI Loops and OneShots ranging from 80-130 BPM plus a dedicated folder of Sylenth1 Presets designed to emulate those cherished retro sounds!

Lovingly created by the incredible Soundsmiths production team Synthwave is ready to rumble with any major DAW – simply grab your samples from the download folder, drag them over to your software and drop them straight in, whether you’re adding to an existing mix or starting fresh!

Each Synthwave & Retrowave sample included is deployed in High Definition 24-bit clarity to give your vintage inspired audio that clean modern edge and what’s more, they’re all completely royalty free cutting out all that sample clearance hassle. So if you’re looking for retro analogue tones with a fresh modern edge, hold tight! Prime Loops’ Synthwave is here to shake things up!”

This Nike Running spot is our best work yet!

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At the tail end of last year Tom had the pleasure of voicing this beautifully animated Nike Running film created by the guys over at Shotopop. This has to be his best work to date!

“Despite her misfortune, Xu Yun won’t let four years of marathon rejections letters stop her. Since 2012 she’s been eagerly applying to be one of the 35,000 Marathon runners, but until now, has yet to put on a bib. In 2015, all this changed though, when she ran the course without officially getting selected. Shanghai runners are unstoppable.”

Produced by: Shotopop
Directed by: Richard Payne at Shotopop
Animation: Dipankar Sengupta
Olly Montague
Bishoy Gendi
Richard Payne
Design: Adam Relf
Carin Standford
Sound & Music: Tom Smith

R&B lover? This ones for you!

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Our latest offering via Prime Loops is out today!

Buy: https://primeloops.com/future-rnb.html

“Get ready to shape all of tomorrow’s jams with Future R&B! This cutting edge sound library presents the next level of R&B, giving producers a fresh edge with samples and loops that are lucid, smooth and future proof. Flowing straight from Prime Loops’ future forecasting power source, Future R&B is the authentic forward-thinking R&B/Neo Soul sound library that brings you deep and soulful vibes shaped by tomorrow.

Featuring a brand new and highly original collection of R&B Bass Loops, Drum Loops, Melodic Loops, MIDI Files, One Shots, Sylenth & Massive Presets, Sampler Instruments and Vocal Loops,  Future R&B is perfect for rebooting your jams and mixes with ultra-modern sounds with a deep and experimental edge.

Regenerate your jams with abstract atmospheres laden with soft glitches, versatile melodies, deep and sensual bass, beats that range from lush to electrifying and so much more.

Ranging from 80-130 BPM, every sample in this R&B/Neo Soul inspired sound pack is supplied in super clean 24-bit High Definition clarity for the ultimate audio impact and each audio file has been created for completely royalty free use.

Future R&B is ready to work with any major DAW and lands on your machine via instant direct download allowing you to drag your samples straight into your mix for instant use. No need to sit and wait around for the ‘new’ sound, transcend time itself with Future R&B!”

Behold the Mummu Machine!

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Having lots of fun working with the guys over at Mummu at the moment, check out their brand new bubbling, exuberant Mummu Machine sting.

All sorts of machine and electrical noises were used to bring this think tank to life, we also threw in a couple of fun and abstract noises for good measure.

We have also been working on a secret project which we can’t wait to tell you about! Watch this space.

Design & Animation: Thomas Weeden – thomasweeden.tumblr.com
Sound Design: Tom Smith (Soundsmiths) – soundsmiths.co.uk

Get your credit cards out.. Future Bass is here!

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All credit for our new pack Future Bass Vol One goes to our sound designer Pete. Legend has it he taught Flume everything he knows and was the original composer of 4’33 before John Cage ripped him off.

“It’s time to inspire a brand new generation with a fresh incarnation of highly evolved bass frequencies in Future Bass Vol.1.

Expertly created by sonic tour de force Soundsmiths, the forward-thinking production collective have mixed the chilled with the thrills in this progressive future bass sample pack, pushing the boundaries of bass music with an abundance of fresh melodies and gigantic synth chord progressions contrasting with gentle, dreamy arps and energetic beats, all wrapped up with crisp and modern production!

At 512MB+,Future Bass Vol.1 incorporates a library of sounds & samples, radiating the freshest array of fluid bass vibes in the form of loops, one-shots, MIDI loops, sampler instruments and even custom Sylenth presets.

Animate your productions with atmospheres blending chilled and spritely vibes, from the vivid fuzz of bass loop Future Arcade to the ascending surge of synth loop Take Off, Future Bass Vol.1 allows you to push your productions into truly uplifting territories.

This Future Bass sound library lands via direct download so you can get it in just a couple of clicks! Whatever major DAW you choose to work with, you can simply click and drag each sample from your download folder and drop it right into your preferred software.

Delivered in astounding 24-bit High Definition purity, every sample featured in Future Bass Vol.1 is yours to use completely royalty free. So if you’re ready to add some movement to your mix with fresh, flexible bass frequencies, uber-melodic synth, dynamic beats and more then it’s time to propel your productions forward with Future Bass Vol.1!”


[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/234740824″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Giant salmon? Bears? Diving? Huskies? Yup.. Explore Canada!

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We had the pleasure of mixing a whole bunch of films aimed at informing the world of how awesome Canada is. Explore Canada is a concept thought up by TCOL.

TCOL sent out multiple crews to some of the most jaw dropping locations in BC and the footage they captured was incredible.

The Guardian website plays host to the films.

Check them out here: The Guardian

5760 – Lori foraging for Chanterelle mushroom’s.


Who doesn’t like cat videos though seriously?

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For the past two months we have been regulars at the VFX studio’s in central London filming a made up stock market for viral cat videos called Catdaq. (That’s not weird at all)

Felix Cat Food are the obvious masterminds behind this crazy idea with Vine sensation Arron Crasscal and the darling Jayne Sharpe presenting.

Such a joy to work with cast and crew!

Production House: Burning Reel

Sound Design/Mix: Soundsmiths


Jigsaw does “The Italian Job”

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This beautiful film by the Jigsaw team follows the epic journey of a beautifully crafted coat.

“This season we lead the way with innovative techniques specially developed by our in house design team. We head to Florence to visit the mill where our Needle punch cloth is made”

Director: Ben Marshall

Music: Soundsmiths

Autumn – Winter ’15 has never looked so elegant!

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Once again we teamed up with our buddies over at Jigsaw Clothing to compose a score for this beautiful film.

Commissioned for Autumn/Winter ’15, this film showcases the latest Jigsaw Fashion Range with a model, dancer and magnolia flowing through the same movements to create an epic, beautiful and strong mood.

Film: Murillo Media

Music: Soundsmiths

We’ve dusted off those Faded Tapes once again..

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FADEd is back once a again with Faded tapes 002. Episode 2 is a selection of short Hip-Hop beats combining samples from Funk, Disco, Library and Classical influences. Producers Faded & Occult have both collaborated and individually created a selection of beats for this episode, using sound imperfections to created a rugged form of Hip-Hop. This time around you can get all the tracks via FADEd’s Bandcamp.. that’s right no waiting!

Download: fadedbeats.bandcamp.com/album/faded-t…pes-episode-2

Follow FADEd:

SC: faded_joseph_marshall

Follow occult..

SC: occultscience
FB: www.facebook.com/OccultICU?fref=ts
TW: www.twitter.com/occult_science
MC: www.mixcloud.com/PillowtalkPodcast/