Original Music & Sound Design



Soundsmiths – A collective of people who make and repair audio with hardware, software, recording and instrument.

We like to think we are more than just a close knit team of sound designers and composers, sure we make a lot of noise but we also have very ambitious ideas. We think as story tellers but from a sound and music perspective.

It’s our duty to try and push sonic boundaries and attempt to make things people have never heard before, even if we fail miserably sometimes. It’s this process that keeps us learning.

We want people to feel a certain way when listening to our work. We think current but we also think to the future. Our ideas may not always be possible but It’s our job to be bold and let our clients reign us in!

The people we like to work with all have this ambitious forward thinking mindset and we feel this creates the perfect conditions to make outstanding projects that really stand the test of time.


With the ever increasing time and budget restraints in the online, television & film industries and the evolution of technology, we now operate almost entirely online!

Working online has many advantages, it cuts out the need for travel allowing everyone to focus & manage their time more efficiently as well as cancelling out commercial studio hire which lets us offer better availability and more attractive rates.

This doesn’t mean we don’t want to meet before and after we work together though! We are always happy to sit down for a coffee and talk shop, and even happier to have a beer when we’re wrapped!


We try our best to fit every project in however the more notice you can give us the more chance we will be available. Due to the nature of the industry projects get rescheduled regularly so if you do have a last minute impossibly tight turn around do get in touch! (We secretly love them)

Sound Design

We like to be involved as early as possible as we can offer creative input to your scripts that you may not of thought of. We can use sounds to help drive a film. Some sounds are pleasing and some are hard to listen too but as long as they support your story and have an effect on your audience thats all that matters.

Sounds we like: Dynamic, Foley, Electronic, Organic, industrial, Signal, Velocity, Impact, Spinning, Glitchy, Water, Wind, Debris, Cartoon, Photorealistic.

Original Music

If you’re looking for a personal touch in the music department then original composition is the way to go. We pride our selves in our ability to blend genres and taylor music to make your film sound that bit more special.

Music we like: Ambient, Cinematic, Electronic, Acoustic, Drone, Intense, Mysterious, Relaxed, Uplifting, Piano, Atmospheric, Wonky, Unusual, Real World, Ethnic.

Sound Mix

A bad sound mix can turn a beautiful project in to a train wreck in an instant, luckily mixing audio is our specialty. We can quickly polish your sound track to the desired mastering specification so its ready for broadcast in your specific region.

Character Vocalisation

Bringing animated characters to life is no easy feat! Luckily with your direction, our incredibly talented voice artists and some clever tricks from our sound designers we can create a brand new totally original personality just for you. So if you have a photorealistic Snow Fox from planet Zoidberg that needs a voice, drop us a line.

Audio Repair

Often the best solution to repairing your audio is to re record it, unfortunately this is not often possible due to a number of factors. This is where we come in. We have spectral repair tools that can discard your unwanted noise and help make your audio a little more pleasing to the ear.

Sample Pack

Learning how to make music? Perhaps you’re already a pro? If you don’t already own one of our products then you’re in for a treat. We have the most up to date and current sounding libraries for you to choose from.

Hearing Is Believing

Take a look at some of the high impact films we have worked on.

The Work

Here’s One We Made Earlier.

We have crafted a sample pack in pretty much every electronic sub genre you can think of. Have a browse for yourself!